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Sterling Silver Small Teadrop Aquamarine Necklace


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Aquamarine facilitates calming and cooling, This gorgeous crystal activates the throat Chakra, assisting in the clear communication of one's truth. they are cryatals of the water Element, bringing one in touch with the subconscious, the domains of spirit and our deepest emotions. 

Their energy is as refreshing as a shower under a cool waterfall. It brings one to a relaxed, alert state of consciousness in which one is fully aware of one's own store of knowledge, wisdom and feelings and to articulate them all with clarityand conviction.

For women, Aquamarine lends the courage and clarity to express one's inner knowing, and it enhances intuituve abilities. it is a doorway to comminication with the Goddess, both within the self and in her outer manifestations.  For Men, Aquamarine helps dispel emotional numbness and the difficulty men sometimes experience in communicating their feelings.  It also calms frustration and helps keep one's temper, even when provoked.

Length of Aquamarine Pendant from Clasp  Approx 3.5cm

Width of Aquamarine Pendant Approx 1.8cm

Sterling Silver Chain is approx 16"