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Selenite and The Crystal Healer Book Bundle


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This beautiful gift Bundle, would be the ideal Gift for either yourself or a loved one who is just starting to work with Crystals.

'The Crystal Healer' book' contains crystal remedies for more than 250 common ailments and a directory of 250 crystals, as well as detailed explanations of the most effective healing methods, this book is the ultimate guide to healing with crystals.  Illustrated with colour photographs, and suplemted with practical exercises and case studies.

Selenite is said to be powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, Mental clarity and well-being. Selenite can cleanse and recharge any crystals that arre placed next to or on it.  it creates a positive grid around your home and blocks and negative energies that may enter.

Super Save Sunday Bundle includes:

Beautiful Selenite Tower

'The Crystal Healer' Book