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Quartz Crystal and Black Obsidian Energy Generator


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Energy generator crystals are super powerful for healing by placing them on parts of the body, or use as part of Reiki or other traditional therapeutic practices. Generators can restore, amplify and rebalance the energy flows of the body. To assist in healing, position a crystal on any chakra of the body – the seven chakras go from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head. If you have more than one crystal, use the generator in combination with other crystals placed on different parts of the body in a grid-like fashion. A generator containing Quartz Crystal is ideal for use during healing because it acts as an absorbent and regulator of energy.

Place energy generators in your home or workspace to protect, activate and transmute energy. Having an energy generator crystal in your space will help to clear out negative energies, giving you peace of mind during your daily life.

Pyramid: Quartz Crystal size approx : 2.2 x 2.2cm

3 Sided Black Obsidian Pointer x 4 size approx: 3cm length, approx: 1cm width