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Pyrite Sml and Lg Obelisks


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Pyrite is a protective stone and will act almost like a personal bodyguard, deflecting negative energies and keeping your auric field free from negative or harmful vibrations. 

It will protect you from energy leaks, and it can help mend auric tears.

Pyrite will enhance your willpower during challenging times, and it will support you in actions and decisions that are necessary for your success and growth.

This stone will make you feel inspired more often. You will remain grounded, even if many things are happening in your life that are draining your energy. That inspiration will feel like you’re striking gold for real at times! If you work in an environment where ideas are crucial, Pyrite can do much to help get your creative juices flowing.

Better still, Pyrite can help you to articulate and communicate these new ideas clearly and concisely. Better yet, they more often than not lead to recognition, acclaim, or financial gains as they come to fruition.

This stone can also help you enhance your powers of persuasion and make you more magnetic to people overall. People will be drawn to you and willing to listen to your ideas and opinions when carrying a piece of Pyrite with you. 

Large Obelisk Height Approx 8.5cm x Width Approx 2.5cm

Small Obelisk Height Approx 7.5cm x Width Approx 2cm