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Flower of Life Engraved Shungite Necklace


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Shungite clears the energies of the entire body and opens one to spiritual light.  Shungite aids undergrounded people to better connect with the earth. 

It provides an aura of Psychic protection.  It rids one of negative emotional patterns and can generate emotional re-birth.  Shungite is the most healing stone as it purifies the bod, eliminates negative energy, and grounds you on your spiritual journey. Whatever energy is brought to the surface during your sacral chakra healing session. The shungite will neautralize it and bring it back into ballance.

Shungite Pendant is shape into an energy point and contains all 7 Chakra stones fused into the pendant.

Shungite Pendant comes with Wax Cord

Length and Width Approx 4.5cm