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Elestia Himalayan Quartz


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Using Himalayan quartz in your home or meditation spaces can create a blissful and unhurried peace. Its energy provides a soothing and calming ambiance that can open your receptivity to the beauty of music and arts. They are also great for stimulating your imagination.

Himalayan quartz also carries strong feminine energy and it is the stone of nurturing. It is a superb stone in helping babies and mothers to bond, reconnecting with older kids or those who have already left your side. Not only is it a perfect gift for new moms, but it is also a nice gift for one’s own mother, sisters, daughters or a female friend.

The stone also does wonder for sleeping, for both kids and adults, promoting calming dreams as well as preventing night terrors or nightmares. Also, it helps kids not to be afraid of the dark.

Length: Approx 4cm

Width: Approx 3cm

Natural Products May Vary in Size, Cut and Colour