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Clear Quartz Pendulum and Pendulums Guide Book


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Perfect Gift for either yourself or a loved one who wants to or is starting to practise the divination of dowsing.

'Pendulums' will take you through the background and basics of pendulums.. first discovery, the history and methodology of using pendulums, how they are used today, why it works, and how to choose your pendulum.

the pendulums book will then delve further into how to use pendulums in the different spheres of everyday life: Career, life, and household decision; relationship questions and desires; rebalancing and cleasing the seven chakras; working on your dietand energy for health; dowsing in the psychic, energy and spiritual dimentions; as well as fortune telling and looking to the future.

Clear Quarts  - Master of all healers, will blance you emotionally, mentally and physically. It dissolves all areas of imbalance and creates clarity in our minds.

Pendulums Bundle includes:

*Pendulums Book

*Clear Quartz (master Healer) Pendulum

*Pendulum Stand