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Cauldron Mug Warmer


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Light the sacred flame of rituals long past to evoke a purifying warmth that will drive out the demons of discomfort through an incantation and a witch's brew.

A multi use mug warmer stand, simply pop a tealight into the base and keep your drinks hot for longer. Or Simply use without the mug as a beautiful tealight holder and see the shadows of the Dark flicker in your Boudoir.

By adding your own Crystal Ball, will also serve perfectly as a scrying stand.

Alchemy by design, a practical and unique gift for your extraordinary friend or loved one. 

2 piece set: Mug warmer stand and Mug

Product Warnings: Never leave a lit tealight unattended. Mug warmer gets hot, haandle with caution. The will get HOT. Always place mugh in a Heat proof Surface.

Height Aprrox: 11.2cm

Width Approx: 13.5cm

Depth Approx: 13.5cm