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Sterling Silver Herkimer Diamond and Moldavite Pendant


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Herkimer Diamond energizes, enlivens and promotes creativity.  A powerful attunement Crystal, especially the smaller, exceptionally clear stone.  This stone stimulates conscious attunement to the highest spiritual levels and to your own potential.  it clears the chakras and opens channels for spiritual energy to flow.

Herkimer Diamonds are one of the strongest crystals for clearing electromagnetic pollution or radioactivity.  It relieves insomnia and eliminates stress and tension from the body .

Moldavite is another of the stones for the new age.  it is a form of Tektite, said to have extraterrestrial origin, formed when a giant meteorite struck to the earth.  The heat of impact metamorphed surrounding rocks, creating a 'strew field'.  Moldavite is there fora fusion of extraterrestrial energies with mother earth.  This is a rare stone found on the banks of the river Moldau and is unlikely to be discovered anywhere else in the world. 

Moldavite has been used in the stone age as talisman for good fortune and fertility.  It can greatly enhance the effect of other crystals, taking them to the highest vibration.  Moldavite has its own cosmic oversoul which can put you in touch with cosmic messengers.  Moldavite resonates with the crown chakra, opening it to receive the highest spiritual guidance.

Height: 2.5cm (Herkimer Diamond 0.8cm Moldavite 1.7cm)

Width: Herkimer Diamond 1cm, Moldavite 1cm

Herkimer Diamond and Moldavite are in a Sterling Silver Claw