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Shungite Flower of Life Pendant and Cord


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One of the most rare minerals found on he planet, Shungite is an essential stone to include on your spiritual journey

Shungite balances the root chakra to leave you feeling rooted and protected.  it will sooth insomnia and boosts overall energy levels. Shungite helps relieve stress and anxiety and corrects any imbalances in your energy body to create overall balance.

Flower of Life:

The flower of life is a geometric symbol that typically consists of nineteen overlapping circles that are spaced evenly apart from one another.

The pattern formed by the circles creates images of perfectly symmetrical flowers.

The meaning behind the flower of life symbol is that, it is believed to represent the cycle of creation.  it depicts how all life comes from one singular source represented by the circle in the middle of the pattern.  

There is believed to be a secret symbol hidden within the flower of life symbol, which is said to had the most significant and sacred patterns of the universe.  It is believed to be a sort of blueprint for all life, with fundamental patterns for everything from atoms to planets and everything in between.

Circumference : Approx 13cm

Thickness: Approx 0.4cm